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Create intuitive and elegant design solutions with our Figma designers.

With a unique blend of modern technologies and innovative approaches, we create responsive and adaptive designs with uniform cross-platform compatibility. We understand what it takes to build a brand from the design perspective and help deliver the same using modern tools and ways of thinking.

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Why Figma is a good choice for designing web apps?

The world of emerging design tools is incredibly exciting. Figma has the potential to support the entire design process end to end.


Accessibility and collaboration

No matter the tools a team uses, there needs to be a way to work together and keep stakeholders in the loop. All of these features are readily available in Figma.

Flexibility to iterate and produce deliverables

Figma is flexible and can be used as a collaborative whiteboard for sketching initial ideas and iterating everything from wireframes to high fidelity mockups.

Ability to build prototypes and test

Designing a mobile app? Build and publish interactive prototypes and test them directly on smart phones- all from Figma.

Establishing a single source of truth

Figma is an excellent way to define product design systems that reside completely online. It’s a single source of truth by default. No more wondering, “is this the latest version?”

Smooth handoff

Just share a link with developers, and they’ll have access to all the information needed to implement the design.

Versatility to be customized and improved

Figma’s plug in API allows team to write their own plug ins or tap into broader user community and extend the tool with new functionalities.

Why hire Figma experts online from Infozion?

We are specialized in creating beautiful and smooth designs using Figma that provide better user experience by incorporating effective collaboration, streamlined projects which strive for better results.

Why Hire Machine Learning Developers

User centric approach

Our skilled design team follows the best practices and standards to maximize the usability and efficiency of the design with increased ROI.

Experienced professionals

From basic apps to scalable enterprise software, our experienced design team can help you convert your idea into reality with a standardized design approach.

Wide ranging expertise

Our design team has created various types of apps and software for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, finance, entertainment, insurance, and many more.


We provide complete project visibility and multiple open lines of communication from the day project is initiated by giving the clients regular updates about the project.

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Our Figma expertise

Our team of Figma UX strategists, information architects, and visual designers look at the larger constellation of touch points with audiences to craft innovative UI/UX experiences using Figma.

High fidelity prototype

We create a prototype to demonstrate the behavior of the application and show how it would work in reality. We design fully interactive prototypes to give you an idea of the workflow of your project.

Mobile and web user interface design

We deliver our best efforts to ingeniously convert your ideas and thoughts into a clear and fully functional design. We design user interfaces that conform to what the user requires and understands.

Technical design

Our team can also create a technical design that helps our clients understand the technical workflow of the project. In technical design, we define technology stack for all the components of the app, third party integrations and interactions of services and APIs.


We design wireframes to provide you an outline of a mobile or web app by demonstrating content, structure and functionality that will exist on your apps and software pages.

Cross platform compatibility

Focusing on the core principles of UI design and functionality implementation, we design and deliver responsive and cross-platform compatible designs to ensure that it works across different platforms.

Software re-design

If you already have an app or a website but it does not look appealing or professional, we can help you by re-designing the entire website or application.

Visual research

The purpose of visual research is to inform Figma UI design. To shape UI design, we look at your competition, design styles in your country and across your entire industry, and collect all this creative information into a mood board.

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From two-way binding, data filters & models, to the declarative user interface, dedicated Drupal developers with 5+ years of average experience bring more productivity, efficiency, and speed in your business.
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Industry Expertise Of Our Remote Figma designers

By focusing on user behavior and their interaction patter with applications, our Figma services transcends beyond just the aesthetics to being user-centered and content-centric. With an aim to build hyper-personalized experiences, we deliver user experience to improve engagement, usability, and brand recall.

UX research using Figma

UX research encompasses a variety of research to add context to design process from end user experience.

Design thinking

Design thinking for hands on user centric approach towards problem solving as well as understanding challenges and assumption.

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Based on over experience and questions we receive from our clients, we wrote down a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We hope that it will help you better understand the issues related to software development.

How long will it take for my project to get delivered?

We are known for our quality and fast delivery of the various projects. However, since each of our clients needs are unique, we shall convey the expected timeline of the project basis our discussion.

What if I am not satisfied with the project?

Over the last few years, we at Infozion have successfully delivered all of our projects without any negative feedback. In case you are unsatisfied with our work, then we shall consider reworking on the same project and improving or fixing any bug issues.

Will I get a dedicated manager to update me with the status of the work?

Yes, we shall assign a dedicated project manager to each of our clients so that she/he is in constant touch and is accessible to our client.

How do I monitor the status of my work?

We will regularly schedule meetings as well as virtual sessions for you to keep a track on the progress of the work so that you know how much of the project has been covered.

What services are offered by Infozion?

At Infozion, we specialise at website development for brands and companies across multiple niche, mobile app development, UI/UX design, software solutions for better business management, SEO consultation and services, digital marketing, landing pages, blogs, e-commerce and everything you need to digitise your business.

How can I contact Infozion?

You can either fill your details and drop us a message with your query or you may also email us at to get an instant reply.

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