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Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

The software community thrives on new upgrades and updates that enable features, functionality, performance, and usability better than previous versions. The product becomes more efficient and secure if we update to the latest version of the technology.

Drupal is one of the most popular open-source CMS, offering regular updates after every six months. To enjoy the latest functionalities of the CMS, users need to upgrade to the newest version.

If you have your website based on Drupal, what is the latest version we can update? Drupal 9 is the brand new version, fresh like a cookie from the oven, released in June this year. Unlike previous versions, the update for migrating to Drupal 9 is like upgrading to the entire new version release.

If you are on Drupal 7 and looking to migrate to Drupal 9, we will discuss why you should update to Drupal 9?

Current scenario of Drupal 7:

Does your website is based on Drupal 7? If we talk about statistics, currently, Drupal 7 is used by more than 7,50,000 users across the globe. It is not the latest version and has official support till November 2022. The Drupal creators extended the support by one year by looking at the current pandemic situation. Initially, the support was going to end in 2021.

End of support: what does it mean?

Security considerations:

Keeping the overall website security and customers’ data is crucial for any business organization. For having a secured website, one needs to apply for security updates. No more security updates will get released after the end of support. It means the websites will have more vulnerability for cyber attacks.

No smooth process:

The end of official support means no bug fixes and no improvements. Due to this, some functions on your website won’t work smoothly. It will drive away potential customers.

No further development:

The end of support will not lead to any further development for your Drupal 7 version.

Reasons for upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9:

Let’s dive into the benefits of Drupal 9:

Easy upgrades:

Long updates are gone. All you need to do is move forward from the D7 version, and all the upgrades are as quick as possible. All this is possible due to D9’s backward compatibility with D8.

Better security:

D9 has cleaned the outdated code and uses the new version of PHP, which helps in protecting the websites from cyber attacks and offers better security.


D9 will improve your website performance because of the integration of third-party libraries and components inside. The design of the new architecture allows creating superfast website experiences with the help of integrating JavaScript frameworks.

Accessibility to all audiences:

The D9 version is accessible to every audience, even with disabilities. The D9 front-end theme Olivero is an accessibility masterpiece.

Smooth editorial experience:

Content editors will love the admin dashboards in their D9 websites. All thanks to the media library, configurable toolbar, and quick edit feature, and much more.


Earlier, D7 websites cannot imagine the multi-language capabilities that D9 has provided. Adding languages to D9 websites is now like a breeze.

Mobile friendly:

The Drupal team has seamlessly provided mobile users a boon, as the websites are mobile-friendly.

Do you want to upgrade to D9? Upgrade with us:

We would recommend first upgrading from D7 to D8 and then to D9. Our expert Drupal developers will upgrade to D8 and ensure that your code is clean without any outdated elements. After fulfilling these requirements, our developers will instantly transfer to D9.

Our experienced Drupal development team will perform your Drupal upgrade quickly. Contact us now!