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Benefits of Drupal Websites in Educational Institution Websites

Benefits of Drupal Websites in Educational Institution Websites

With the increase in technology, every section of society is dependent upon digital devices for online activities. Your CMS must meet the needs of the recent trends as the users and students are increasing every year.

Here comes the thought of knowing which platform is the best for building a university or educational website? Drupal website is the best solution for making an educational website. Drupal is an open-source all-in-one CMS platform that develops highly scalable websites. The team will ensure the flexibility, security, and robustness of the Drupal CMS that will enable technology-driven learning methods.

It offers secure coordination with fewer efforts and time that helps in creating higher education websites. If you doubt why we should choose Drupal over other CMS websites, check out this article. We will be discussing why Drupal is a perfect fit for educational websites?

Drupal: a perfect fit for educational institute websites:

The manual auditing of text, videos, and images is pretty monotonous. Apart from that, the educational institutes have tight budgets and limited faculty resources for establishing websites. Thus, Drupal has the supporting standards starting from visitors understanding web pages to editors adding tags quickly.

Open-source CMS:

Drupal is an open-source CMS that allows educational institutes to create highly scalable, secured, and flexible websites for students and teachers. The process of distance education seems effortless with the help of Drupal websites.

Multi-site and Multilingual:

Educational websites involve a holistic approach that demands a sister domain for the development of students in various sections. Drupal offers flexibility and fulfills the demand for multi-site management for educational institutions. It is possible to share the site content with the Domain Access Module that helps in configuring the user and content settings. Drupal allows creating a joint code base where more than a hundred languages can get localized.

Easy to develop and customize the content:

Drupal websites for educational institutions are easy to develop. Drupal has functional tools that allow creating and managing multiple content types with minimal coding. Personalization and customization of content is also one of the key features of Drupal CMS.

Access rights:

Universities can use Drupal and develop ERP Software to create accounts for different categories of users. You can create access rights for the data on the website, which means that what teachers see will be different from what students see.

Mobile friendly:

If we count on the number of smartphones a student or a teacher has, everyone will have it. If any educational website gets built on Drupal CMS, the websites are mobile-friendly by default. If you want the most out of it, you need to hire an expert Drupal Developer to do the job for you. Infozion Technologies is the right choice for your Drupal Development needs.

Wrapping up:

Universities and educational institutions need to promptly respond to the demands, as higher education is vast and intimidating. Fortunately, the development of educational websites with the help of Drupal CMS has multiple functionalities. It allows users and students to manage the institute’s main page from a single place. It is always possible with the help of access rights given to content independence to each department.

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